Coffee cups – memories, happiness, friendship

I don’t know about you, but I have been consuming a lot of coffee! Because it has become a staple in my life (who am I kidding, it always has been), I started really noticing the cup I drink from … matters. I wondered, does it matter to everybody? Or is it just the vehicle for caffeine? I’ve been wanting to write this blog since the beginning of lockdown, and we are going to be here awhile so here it goes. This isn’t negative politics, fake news or pandemic woes. It is happy because it is about coffee … and cups.

In my world, my mug/cup matters. Why you ask? Well, I am here to tell you. My favorite coffee mugs have to be a certain weight, rim size, handle. They also need to give me, not only the warmth of a really good cup of coffee, but the warm fuzzy of my cup’s history. Where did I get it? Who did I get it from? Was the time significant? Is it pleasing to the eye? Are the memories it holds good or bad? Yes, the coffee cup can have all of these things. That is how important the vehicle for my caffeine has become.

My favorite mug used to be a coffee cup that was a present from an old friend. It had Snoopy on it and it read “Joe Cool.” The rim was way too fat, but the cup was rounded and had one of my favorite cartoon characters on it. I used to love this cup. It had ample amount of room for my favorite jolted beverage and it reminded me of good thoughts when I drank from its fat rim. Unfortunately the friendship petered-out like so many do, and the cup went to the back of the cupboard.

I have so many cups. Some were presents, some were … um … let’s say borrowed. They all give me different feelings. One reminds me of friends from across the big pond; one reminds me of my daughter when she is mad; one reminds me of a time my husband and I went on a little adventure; one reminds me of my mother when our relationship was better. My coffee cups are important. My youngest made me one that I don’t use anymore because it is fading. Others I don’t use anymore because they remind me of times I don’t want to go back to. Most remind me of good times, great travel and awesome friends. One of my favorites is one from my best friend and it says “we go together like drunk and disorderly.” Need I say more?

My favorite mug in 2020 has been my elephant cup. I bought this cup for myself. It has a nice color palette, a skinny rim, sits soundly on a table, and fits the perfect cup of coffee. It’s a favorite because elephants symbolize many things in many cultures; they symbolize good luck, prosperity, destroyer of evil, and remover of obstacles. This year we need a destroyer of evil and a remover of obstacles more than ever. This cup gives me strength. This was my favorite … until another cup literally showed up on my doorstep (I had mentioned I liked it 😊 in a zoom call). My new mug even has a label on the bottom – “friendship.” Definite warm fuzzies. This will be my favorite vehicle of black gold (yes, coffee) for the remainder of 2020.

I have expounded a lot about coffee cups this morning, and right now, coffee is very important. It has been something I have pondered for years, but especially this year. Why do you like a certain coffee cup? Is it its size, shape? Does it hold memories of a person, place or time? Have you thought about it? You should. Why, you ask? Because in 2020, the bad cups need to be put in the back of the cupboard. We need more good memories, happiness, friendship and the warmth of a good cup of coffee.

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