Why One 10 Graphics?

There are times when, honestly, I don’t know what to write about, and currently I am in an Entrepreneurial Training Program where I have to write about my business, my mission, my market, and, the hardest thing to do, myself. So today, I practice pieces of the business plan for One 10 Graphics, LLC.

So to start, how did I get here?

I got here, honestly, by having children. I should really thank the two people who have become my absolute world, my daughters. Thank you, Lydia and CJ, without you, I wouldn’t be here. Why are they responsible for my business plan? Because when they were little, I was working at a local college, and once they arrived, I realized, I couldn’t leave them to go back to work. Sorry Carroll College. My daughters are the reason we moved north to be closer to family, the reason we gave up our life in the Milwaukee area, and ultimately, the reason I became a freelancer. For 12 years I scooted along helping businesses and individuals with small design jobs all around central Wisconsin, from universities to local businesses to more famous clients like the winner of the bachelorette. I held my own.

In the world of Graphic Design, if you step away from the arena, you lose a lot of headway in software advancement, technology, trends, and knowledge in the skills that designers use everyday. When I started in the business, Quark Xpress was the upcoming piece of software with CorelDraw being a counterpart. When I came back to the business, after about a year, no one was using those programs anymore. Monster Adobe had literally bulldozed the graphic design industry with some seriously robust programs. I hadn’t touched an Adobe piece of software, ever. Then I realized, I had to keep my foot in the door of this industry or I would be completely obsolete. So I started to freelance, and eventually bought the very first version of Adobe Creative Suite (the last version before CC was 19 so 18 versions ago, lol!). At that time, it was pretty pricey, but I knew it would be a good investment.

Currently, there are still leaps and bounds of advancement in the industry, but luckily I have enough knowledge and skills to be dangerous. Do I want to take on the national scene by storm and become a household graphic design name? No, I don’t. I do, however, want to help people who don’t know where to start with their new businesses or feel they need to step up their brand to compete with their professional counterparts. It starts with an idea. Then maybe a logo, then maybe a color palette, then maybe a visual feel, then maybe some business cards, an email signature, and a couple of social media platforms. A T-shirt or two, some consistency and just a little bit of money. It is not rocket science and high caliber work should not break the bank. So that is why I am here, and I can help you reach your small business or startup goals. One step at a time.

Why am I so special?

Honestly, sometimes I don’t think I’m so set apart from the pack, but that is not the way to think if you want to run a business. People and former employers have told me that I am a leader of my pack, I have won a few awards, I have revamped full brands, I have simplified content, freshened colors, simplified workflows, updated websites, put pizzazz in everyday blah campaigns. taken many photos, tried very hard to hone skills, AND, this is a big one, admitted when I don’t have the skills to do specific jobs (but found someone who could).

Part of my skillset is finding vendors to complete the job. Because I have been working in these communities for 18 years, I have run across many printers, sign companies, vinyl companies, promotional companies and many more. I can get you from concept to completion. I also have the willingness to learn and adjust to the ever changing market. I also have been doing this gig for about 29 years. I may have an idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

The other thing about me that sets me apart, I have diagnosed OCD. Why is this even relevant? Because I will think (and truly obsess) about your goals until I can solve your problem. The name of my business, One 10 Graphics, comes from that fact. One of my former bosses once told me, don’t give 110%, only maybe 90%. Nope. Not me. I will always give 110% and no less. If I can’t solve your design problems, I will find someone that can. I am not in this to be cutthroat with my competitors. I am in this for your business. To get the job done. I will sit in my jammies all day working on your projects, I will work on the weekend to get the job done, I won’t sleep at night thinking of what I can do to help you succeed.

Don’t believe it? Try me.

Lastly, the One 10 Graphics, LLC mission: To help small and startup businesses in northcental Wisconsin build their brand to get professional traction in their local markets, and in return, build and increase the economies of our small local communities. At One 10 Graphics, LLC, I am in my business to solve your small business branding/design problems, and will solve them, by helping you conceive, design, create, troubleshoot, and complete your projects. From logos, business cards, letterhead, product lists, menus, banners, billboards, stickers, labels, brochures, newsletters, programs, tickets, magazines, books, folders, sales pieces/viewbooks, promotional items, T-shirts to social media/digital advertising. I can handle majority of your branding needs, and if I can’t, I will find somebody that can. I want to help. Please give me a call. Yours truly, Becca Kaegi of One 10 Graphics, LLC.

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