Pen eaten by virtual monster.

In a world where the virtual monster has become king, is it OK to use a pen and a piece of paper? Are notes on the computer more effective or should we write them down? Although a computer is faster than the written word, the answer, emphatically, is to WRITE IT DOWN.

This the question, in this day and age, of whether we are “all in” in the virtual sense or if pen and paper can still work. Let me be MORE than apparently clear: the pen and paper are more important now than ever before. There have been studies of how writing things down not only helps the brain develop and help tremendously with memory, but it also helps people achieve goals (Writing down your goals). If you need help remembering a task, if you want to achieve certain goals, if you have a great idea and want to make sure it happens, WRITE IT DOWN.

Sadly, children are actually losing the physical muscle capacity to write. They have taken cursive out of the curriculum. I have teenagers that forget to do tasks all the time. My response to them: WRITE IT DOWN.

In the article The Power of Writing things Down they talk about how writing things down boosts your memory, makes your thoughts last, shows you’re accountable, shows you’re serious, and mostly helps you work/organize your thoughts. The last one, in my eyes, is hugely important. Majority of jobs listed today have “attention to detail,” and “extremely organized” as skills. We, because of technology, are losing those skills. The simple task of writing it down.

For people who don’t know me, I have diagnosed OCD also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so I constantly obsess about everything. My family cannot talk to me if I have something I am obsessing about or taking all of my attention. The power to get something off of my mind is paramount to my health. In the article 8 Powerful Benefits of Writing Things Down, they talk about exactly that. With the number one reason to benefit from writing things down: helps you record everything that has your attention. For me, that’s a life changer.

I say this to all people who are pushing for everything to be virtual, actually I beg you, please don’t take away the pen and paper. It would be detrimental to my health, detrimental to my teenagers memories, and really, detrimental to all humans, their goals, their ideas and their memories. It is a dying necessity that the virtual monster is eating up and we need to stop it. WRITE THAT DOWN.

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