Belly of the bus

Who, in the corporate world, has seen the underbelly of the proverbial bus?

Everybody? Right. But why?

As companies get into more “lean” production, and have less people do the job, the more people seem to be prone to bus-chucking. Right around the corner from the bus are the unaccountables. So many times I have heard “millenials” are terrible workers, the phrase “that is not my job,” or “I don’t know who is supposed to do that?” And then there are noncommunicators. Things like “I didn’t know that was happening,” or “no one told me that.”

What about just doing the job? Seeing a project through to the end without throwing people under the bus, passing the buck or truly blowing smoke? Is that possible anymore in the corporate setting? I am not sure.

So many employees these days are either blowing smoke or passing the buck. Peeing on their territory because they are paranoid their cozy little spot on the corporate ladder may be pulled out from under them. Instead of actually doing a good job. Instead of thinking of the customer and what was best for them. People are scared to take chances, speak up, see new ideas, take a few risks in the name of better business. Yet, that is exactly what needs to be done.

This blog is a plea. Follow through, communicate, pay attention, listen, brainstorm, collaborate, team build, express the new idea, take risks. Let people work if they want to work. Even it means letting them work offsite. Stay away from the blame and toxicity. Stay away from the talk at the water cooler. The negative virus in a corporate setting can be like a disease and take down the most dedicated employees. Be real, work hard, stay true to who you are. And for christ sake, stop throwing people under the bus.

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